World-Class Arenas & Footing

"If every facility had your footing, I'd be out of business"

Dr. Charles Boles, DVM - specializes in leg injuries


Spirit Equestrian features truly world-class footing in every arena.  Arena construction and design handled by Spirit Equestrian's amazing staff, supplemented by shredded sneaker materials from Footings Unlimited and other components procurred locally.  The footing in each arena is custom tailored by discipline or use.  This means our jump arenas feature just the right amount of security and give for horses to make safe take-offs and landings, and our dressage arenas give just the right amount of cushioning without causing tendon or ligament injuries.

Horses love our footing!

Horses love our footing!

At Spirit Equestrian, our three dressage and two jumping arenas are dragged and watered daily, ensuring nearly perfect surfaces no matter the day or time.

Jumping Arenas

  • 200’ x 300’ North Jump Arena
  • 150’ x 200’ Middle Jump Arena - lighted for evening riding
  • Dragged and watered daily

Full Sized Dressage Courts

  • East Dressage Arena - mirrored and lighted for evening riding
  • North Dressage Arena - room for warm up track around outside
  • West Dressage Arena - mirrored & room for a warm up track around outside
  • Dragged and watered 2x per day

Covered Round Pen

  • 50' Covered Round Pen

Additionally, two of our dressage courts have ample room to set up a mock show with space between the regulation arena and the arena border for those all-important practice rides.