Sue Martin

Sue Martin brings decades of riding experience to her training program. Sue began training and giving lessons at the age of 18 and has continued to follow her passion. Sue’s roots were in the equitation division and riding Hunters, Jumpers, and Eventing before she turned her focus to dressage in the 1980's. Her enthusiasm for training horses and riders is boundless, and her success is considerable.

Sue is an accomplished competitor through the Grand Prix level. She has trained and competed more than forty horses to the FEI levels. Sue has been selected for the National Championships four times and has won numerous Horse of the Year awards. She loves to compete herself, as well as coaching and seeing her students grow and succeed. Sue has coached several young riders through NAYJRC and the Young Rider division at Gladstone. Many of her students have won national and regional awards. Sue also coaches several young professional trainers in clinics and at shows through Grand Prix.

Sue has ridden with many wonderful riders and trainers through the years including Steffen Peters, Debbie MacDonald, Christine Traurig, Conrad Schumacher, Axel Steiner and Morten Thomsen. She believes that dressage is a lifelong learning process that promotes constant evolution and growth. The development of horses through consistent and patient training motivates her to work with many different types, ages, and levels of horses.

Sue applies a holistic approach to riding and training, incorporating the horses physical and mental well being to make sure training is positive and rewarding for both horse and rider. The tact and the talent that she brings to her training is unparalleled. She likes to work with all levels and ages of horse and rider. Sue loves developing horses from green through the FEI levels and retraining horses that have been mistreated or poorly trained to help each horse reach his full potential.

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