Spirit Equestrian strives to provide the best care for your horses, which is why our                                               board is all inclusive.


What is included in your board:

·         4 flakes of Meadow, Bermuda, or Alfalfa- fed 3 times a day

·         Stalls cleaned twice daily

·         Water bowls cleaned as needed

·         Shavings added as needed

·          Access to the European Hot Walker to exercise your horse

·         Use of the covered round pen

·         Gated and fenced facility

 ·        Night rounds by head groom

·         Access to the shower, lockers, and kitchen in facility office

Stall price List:

·     Half-Covered Mare Motel- $850-$900

·     Full-Covered Mare Motel- $975

·     Box Stalls with Premium Mattress System- $900-$975

·     Box Stalls with Premium Mattress System and Ins & Outs-          $1050-$1250 



Additional Services:

·         Premium Timothy Hay

·         Additional flakes of hay of your choice

·         Sand and grass turnouts

·         Hand walking or round pen 

·         Blanketing

·         Bathing

·         Mane-pulling

·         Body clipping