Donate to Friends in Need!

By now many of you have heard of the horrible accident that occured on Friday, August 10th, at the corner of Balcom Canyon and Highway 118. A car turning left at the intersection was hit by a tanker truck carrying two trailers of fuel and caused a massive accident, resulting in the closure of the highway. 

What you may not have heard is that the car had one of our own in it.

Veronica Viveros, a fellow equestrian and close friend, and her two children, RJ and Roxy, were in the car that was hit by the tanker. RJ passed away soon after the accident and Roxy was helicoptered to the children's hospital in Los Angeles with a skull fracture.  Veronica has also fractured bones in her neck and lower back.

They need donations for medical expenses. Roxy will be hospitalized for up to three months. A GoFundMe page has been set up here and any amount would be appreciated, even as little as $25.00.

We here at Spirit Equestrian have Veronica and her family in our prayers and we all hope for a speedy recovery.

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT ON CA-118! Use alternate routes for Friday, August 10th

Attention competitors! There was an accident on highway 118 this morning and there are closures between Lewis Rd. and Tierra Rejada Rd.  This closure will be in effect for most of today, August 10th. The roads should  be open tomorrow.

Alternate Routes:

In you are coming from the east, take Moorpark Ave. north onto CA-23. Continue on 23 north then west, then turn left at the north bend onto Broadway, and then turn right onto Stockton Rd. Follow Stockton up and around the hill and it will eventually intersect with Balcom Canyon Rd. 


Take highway 101 and exit onto Lewis Rd (CA-34). Continue on Lewis Rd until you get to CA-118 and turn left. Take the next right onto Bradley Rd. Continue on Bradley until it becomes Balcom Canyon Rd. We will be on the right side.

Travel safe everyone!

Update to Spirit Equestrian Prize List

Please note the following update to the rules on our prize list for the 2018 Dressage season.

  • Page 9, Rule 23: Stabling: The once a day stall cleaning has been changed. Instead, muck buckets will be provided to the owners to clean their own stalls and will be emptied by the Spirit Equestrian staff as needed.

Thank you for your patience.


Spirit Equestrian Management

2018 Show Information


Here is all the information you need if you plan on competing here at Spirit this show season! We hope to see you there!

2018 Show Season Forms

2018 Show Entry Form

2018 Show Prize List

2018 Show Class List

Credit Card Authorization

2018 Show Dates                            2018 Closing Dates

Mar 24-25: Dresssage Show            March 9, 2018

May 5-6: Dressage Show                 April 20, 2018

Jun 2-3: Dressage Show                  May 18, 2018

July 21-22: Dressage Show             July 6, 2018

Aug 11-12: Dressage Show             July 27, 2018

Sept 1-2: Dressage Show                August 17, 2018

Oct 13-14: Dressage Show (Breast Cancer Awareness - Think Pink!)     September 28, 2018